Sea Breeze at Home

Welcome summer and lighten the look of your home by bringing the mediterrenean sea breeze to your home with #ARMAGGAN’s hand blown cobalt blue bottle, delightful also for displaying fresh cut flowers.

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Flap Your Wings to Summer

Get inspired by the bright sunny colors and flap your wings to summer with Meral Değer’s glass butterfly objects. Stay inspired and surround yourself with things that make you feel good, discover #ARMAGGAN Designer Objects Collection at

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Sleep Well

Many people agree on how soft, luxurious looking and fine material is silk to wear, but it is also a great companion while sleeping. Nothing beats with the soft, elegant and beautiful look and feel of silk bed linens and duvet covers. Silk helps to regulate body temperature which has a direct effect on our biological clock. Enjoy a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep with ARMAGGAN’s luxurious silk duvet covers.

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Presents for the Newly Weds

As the preparations for the summer weddings continue, the family and close friends of the bride and the groom start thinking what present they will get to the newly weds. We invite you to ARMAGGAN, to choose from many chic tableware pieces for the home, inspired by the rich culture of Anatolia, that will last for a lifetime.

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On the Way to the Beach

Between sunscreen, your favorite magazines, bikinis, peshtemal and scarf, you have a lot to carry on the way to the beach, discover #ARMAGGAN travel essentials at

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The Perfect Transitional Accessory

One of the key pieces to add a sophisticated touch to any outfit is definitely a scarf. It is the perfect transitional accessory in between seasons. On a spring day if your partial to a white t-shirt, a printed scarf is a great way to incorporate a splash of vibrant color to your look with a matching color bag that finishes off your look.  

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A Splash of Blueberry

Whether it’s a necklace, bag, leather notebook or a coin purse , bring a splash of blueberry to your day. Feel the sophistication with deep dark ruby tassel necklace, get away from electronic note-taking device and let your creativity flow by putting pen to paper with a leather notebook or finish off your look with a leather portfolio bag.  

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ARMAGGAN Floral Jewelry Collection

ARMAGGAN, bringing the essential hand craftsmanship of the traditional jewelry art to present with its contemporary designs, has created a unique collection. Anatolia’s rich nature and its thousands of year old culture  inspired ARMAGGAN’s Floral Jewelry Collection.Inspired by the rare flowers that grow only in specific parts of Anatolia, ARMAGGAN Floral Jewelry Collection, brings thousands of year old culture to ..

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Have you created your Wedding Gift List?

Have you created your Wedding Gift List? ARMAGGAN, cherishing the art of gift giving, is providing a Wedding List registry service for newly marring couples covering all steps of marriage preparations. We invite you to ARMAGGAN Nuruosmaniye Store to discover ARMAGGAN Objets d’art and Home Textile Collections.

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Shades of Orange

We all go through phases when getting dressed in the mornings and keep turning to the same colors. It is easy to feel safest to be in black and white but why not welcome spring with shades of orange that bring a splash of tropical mood to your style.You can combine ARMAGGAN’s naturally dyed dresses and scarves with ARMAGGAN’s patented matte gold pendants that combine the traditional Anatolian handicrafts with ..

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