Though not as populated with go-to sights as the old city, where you’ll find sights like Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia, Beyoğlu is the modern epicenter of Istanbul. In Karaköy you’ll find a mass of the some of the city’s best galleries, like Mana Galeri and Elipsis Gallery. Check out some art and then grab some balık ekmek for lunch just along the seaside; (balik ekmek is a classic and delicious street food that consists of grilled fish inside of nearly a loaf of bread; the toppings are usually grilled onions and peppers with spices but it really depends on the chef, so take a look around and find the right one for you). For dessert go to one of Istanbul’s most famous baklava spots, Karaköy Güllüoğlu, then take a trip uphill to Galata. Spend some time wandering Galata’s old streets, and have a tea or a coffee at one of its many hip cafes. Other neighborhoods worth mention in Beyoğlu: Cihangir, a similarly hip and artsy area with lots of cafes and bars; Çukurcuma for antique shopping. Then there is Istiklal Caddesi, the pedestrian artery of the area and the city as a whole, which is filled with choice shopping, art galleries (at the Misir Apartmanı), and food spots. For nightlife, Beyoğlu is your best bet. Go to Gaspar or Unter in Karaköy for a more chic cocktail night with good music. Go to Peyote, a local favorite, just off Istiklal for great live music and cheap beers. Go to Co-op, also just off Istıklal, for a small bar vibe with a dance floor, or Kiki and Minimüzikhol in Cihangir for late night dancing.